DFS Army Daily Dispatch 5-2-2016 MLB GPP Strategy: Part One

May 2, 2016

Join BoomersDaddy and Choppodong as they switch roles and Chop starts to dive into the mind of MLB Tournament strategy for DFS of BoomersDaddy.  Little teaser as well on some of the plays he's looking at tonight! 


Daily Dispatch 4-27-2016 MLB Cash Game LIneup Building Strategies

April 27, 2016

Join Boomersdaddy and Choppodong as they have some fun and go over the basics of building an optimal cash game lineup position by position for MLB DFS. 


Daily Dispatch - Enlistment to the DFS Army and MLB Cash game strategies

April 25, 2016

Join Boomersdaddy and Choppodong as they enlist you into the DFS Army brought to you by dailyfantasyadvice.net.